2018 Presolution - Reorient Your Goals

January is a hot month for good intentions. New-Year's resolutions are so powerful they will fill gyms to capacity, only to dissolve a few weeks later when the magic wears off. The earth goes full circle on December 31st, tons of memberships and diet plans sell like hot cakes, and the same cycle begins again.

Body composition goals top many wishlists, and a severe lifestyle change is the ideal vehicle for success. This theory is intuitive, yet most resolutioners find themselves in a vicious cycle of yearly, unfulfilled promises.

Perhaps there is a crucial piece of the puzzle missing. Imagine trying to go to Tokyo from North America without a plane ticket!

Few adults who consult for body composition changes have the foundation strength to do a single push-up or chin-up, for instance. This fundamental weakness guarantees they will struggle to sustain the high-intensity workouts required to build their dream body, or worse, injure themselves.

The logical goal to set would be to develop the athletic capacity necessary to workout effectively first. 


Likewise, nutritional makeovers can have an overwhelming psychological and physiological impact even for those with the best intentions. Many follow every single dogma of a popular diet only to sink back to their old ways after a few months, overwhelmed by the radical shift. Observe how one aspect of a food strategy fits into your life instead of flipping everything at once, then adjust one step at a time. 

The destination remains the same, but the path to get there is different. How can Creavinci help you reorient your goals? Let us know on our Facebook page!