Alexandre Bernier

Kinesiology / Strength Coach / Posturology Clinician



I became a mentor to many over the years, but will always remain a student. This video follows me as I apply what I teach:


The Journey Started...

At 12 years old, during one of my first lunch hour in high-school, all skin and bones. I wandered around, bored, and found the weightlifting room. The small, crowded space appealed to me because I had seen my dad workout at hotels, and went with him to tour a new gym when we moved to Montreal.

An older football player bench pressed 225 pounds (100kg) a few moments after I walked in the room. All the others executed a calculated routine with unknown pieces of equipment. Lost, bicep curls were the only exercise that came naturally. The burn from the 10-lbs dumbbells was a new sensation. I failed after a few reps, then racked the weights and left in hurry, thinking I had done something wrong.

I gathered my courage and returned a few days later to repeat the exercise. I did two more reps and increased the weight by 2 pounds. One of the supervisors taught me about sets and showed me a few other exercises, which extended the amount of work done in a session. 

My hockey performance improved fast. I made the competitive "double-letter" ice hockey league for the first time in my life and was selected to play on my high-school team. I also had bigger biceps than most of my friends by the end of the year, which was important back then as an insecure teenager. 

From Student to Mentor

A friend of mine with no prior lifting experience joined me at the gym at the dawn of my19th summer. He was my first regular workout partner. We motivated each other and trained almost every day. I taught him everything I knew at the time, and got to watch his body change before my eyes. 

His results enticed me to complete the Can-Fit-Pro Personal Training certification. The move also made sense because I had enrolled in a Kinesiology undergrad at McGill University, unsure about the degree's practicality in the career department. I graduated in 2011, still confused about what I wanted to do with my life. 

Copenhagen - 2012

Copenhagen - 2012

My studies helped me find a gym supervision job at a prestigious Health Club in Montreal. I cleaned machines and picked up dumbbells or dirty towels, occasionally gave exercise advice when members had questions. I was not a fan, but ended up meeting my first client during a six am shift. This opportunity sparked a nine-year journey of education around the world while working with a wide range of human bodies, from elite athletes to corporate professionals, retirees, and young adults. Every student became a new teacher.

My education persists today. I am grateful for the invaluable mentors who helped me along the way.


  • Posturepro Performance Program - Annette Verpillot, Montreal/Toronto (2018)

  • Energy Systems Training for Body Composition - André Benoit, Dubai (2013)

  • Trigger Point Therapy - TPT Performance, Dubai (2013)

  • Strength Coach Mentorship - Olivier Lamoureux, Montreal/Dubai (2010 to 2013)

  • Biosignature Modulation - Charles Poliquin, New-York (2011)/Copenhagen (2012)

  • BSc. Kinesiology - McGill University, Montreal (2008-2011)

  • Personal Training Certification - CAN-FIT-PRO, Montreal (2008)

Dubai - 2012

Dubai - 2012

Montreal - 2018

Montreal - 2018