Workout Design For Rookies 4: Space And Time.

Time and space are essential workout ingredients. A membership gym at rush hour will not provide the same opportunities as a private performance centre. The program designed by Yoda for a fully-furnished Olympic sports facility is useless when you find yourself in a hotel room for the next week with nothing but a chair and a dusty set of 5 lbs dumbbells downstairs.

You do not want to be the person who gives up on a workout(s) because of a change of plan. Ask yourself these four questions to read your space and gather insight on the right ratio of ingredients for an optimal training recipe:

- Where am I now?

- How much time do I have?

- What equipment is available?

- How can I realize my goals based on my last three answers?

Life happens fast, gyms get busy, and you will not always have a vacuum environment to exceed your goals. Workout design is a crucial skill to make the most of any space, whether you train in a packed gym or in your living room as you tend to your newborn baby.

Workout Design is an online course intended to provide the tools to create the best training session based on your space and time. Download the free eBook to learn more.

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