90 Days Of Edible Insects

The first part of this dietary experiment ended earlier in April after a three months daily cricket consumption. Edible insects are starting to trend with their alleged rich nutrient content and ressource efficient production. Creepy crawlers seem ideal to absorb some of the massive energetic cost of modern day agriculture.

The potential is there, on paper, but the only way to know for sure is to eat and observe. What better nutrition lab than your body, after all?

I ate roughly 15 grams of cricket powder from two different sources added to water and other ingredients like raspberries and raw eggs, two to three times a day depending on my workouts. The taste is earthy and dominant but blends well in a shake.


I had to stop drinking them at night because they kept me awake. The first two weeks were hard on the digestive system, but things leveled out eventually. My body learned to process the new nutrient.

The shakes do not calm my satiety, so I would not replace real food for them, but I still feel a positive impact on my training recovery and energy levels. They are a solid addition to my on-going food strategy. I will continue this experiment furthermore by adding mealworm powder and whole crickets to the mix.