Multiple Gym Memberships To Multiply Your Results.

Commute and travel are typical workout disrupters for a busy adult. Both consume time like a black hole, and a date with rush hour or a window seat 39,000 feet in the air is bound to sap the of juice out of you. Business out of the country can keep someone who requires exercise as a treatment, not leisure, out of the weight room clinic long enough to stall or even reverse progress. Any human who sits forty minutes in traffic will resent hitting a packed gym after getting home then have whatever motivation fade as they sink into the couch.

A second or even third gym membership benefits anybody short on time to exercise. The potential to workout improves since you have more locations at your disposal. Someone that works downtown but lives forty minutes away could sign up at one place close to work and the other near their home. You can train right when your day ends and still have some drive to push yourself, all while delaying traffic, then go to the closer gym on weekends. Do you travel to Europe every second week? Get a membership there too. Hotels are rarely adequately equipped.

The value of exercise increases when you double or triple your monthly investment allocated to gyms. You might think twice about skipping a session when there is 150$ a month on the line instead of 30$. Your inherent aversion for loss will kick in, and the body will manage to find the motivation, so long as you invest a high enough amount.

Different gyms offer specific equipment and services. Exposure to foreign knowledge is also an unsung benefit of owning multiple memberships. You get to meet all types of health professionals with a unique set of skills, especially when you are in a foreign country. I learned valuable pearls of wisdom from trainers who barely spoke the same language as me in places like Denmark, Lebanon, Central America and Indonesia.

Consider the health investment if you find yourself on the road often and struggle to build a consistent exercise routine.

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