Tools To Build An All-Year Body

Winter resolutions become summer aspirations in the body industry's marketing department. The dawn of a season provides a golden opportunity to display the same programs and products with a brand new light. Fresh starts motivate, but how viable is a health strategy that relies on the planet's position about the sun for success?

Your efforts should be robust enough to withstand a mere change in temperature. The foundations of a time-proof strategy do not collapse upon a season's departure. Motivation comes and goes, but a year-long body adapts and reaps the most out of any weather.

Humans don't hibernate or live outside, so here are some of the tools to build a year-long body that can power through the ride:

1) Push-ups and Chin-ups

These two essential human motions are pillars of upper body balance, yet few adults over thirty have the strength to execute full sets of either. No wonder so many backs and necks hurt chronically.

The education process is different for everybody. There is a variation to match your athletic skills. Some people must start with a series of accessory exercises before they can do a single repetition, while others must find ways to reap more out of the movement. 

Push-ups and chin-ups complement all goals for men and women, athlete or not, whether you seek optimal body composition or maximum strength. The kind of exercise you can take with you at home or the office, and even outside when the good sun comes back. 


2) Active Shoulder-Blades

The small, often forgotten muscles on your wings stabilize your upper limbs in posture and through motion. Most of what you do on a daily basis like sitting or typing disturbs the balance between the front and back planes of your body. The repetitive motions pull you forward and weaken your back's foundation strength. Your arms and head hang by a thread.


Creavinci students decrease their chronic pain once they strengthen and stretch their rotator cuffs under various loads and angles, especially office-workers in their forties and up. The process might feel like waking up two sleeping bears, but the results speak for themselves. Take care of your shoulder-blades, they will carry you a long way.