How To Adjust When The Miracle Diet Fails.

Amazon offers over 160,000 variations of the same three nutrients packaged neatly within pages of facts, all supported by jaw-dropping testimonials, expertise, and a healthy dose of personal bias. Never before in the history of food has there been such an abundance of information available, all day, for anyone connected to the big invisible network to access in one finger swipe — What a time to be alive.

These miracle diets remain mythology until the food passes through your complex digestive universe. Digestion remains a mystery even to the greatest minds of our time. This Robogut found at the University of Guelph in Canada is the closest scientists have come to mimicking the human digestive system, and even such a cutting edge pooh maker only amounts to a the tip of an iceberg bigger than the arctic.

Photo Credit: Kristina Campbell

You are the only human that can determine the legitimacy of a food strategy. Nobody in the world can do that for you — Your digestion is as unique as your fingerprints. Take action, and note the results. Your body’s response to a diet matters more than the gospel supporting it.

Now, there are many strategies to help you adjust should you ever face a dietary wall. Here are three:

1. Improve digestion

Are you absorbing your miracle diet? You cannot be what you eat if you do not absorb any of it! Monitor the health of your inner plumbing before anything else. There are health professionals, dietary supplements, and new mobile technologies to help you with that.

2. Try a different breakfast

Are you starting your days on the wrong food? The first meal, or lack of, is a crucial variable of all miracle diets. Experiment with different strategies in the morning to note any changes on your body throughout the day. You can use the Creavinci Hero System to keep track of your progress.

3. Ditch the Diet

Are you eating the right food for your system? It’s hard to admit when we are wrong, but it happens often in the diet world. Do not be afraid to dump a flawed strategy — There should be positive changes in the quality of your sleep, digestion, stress, and energy levels when you eat the right things. Go back to the drawing board if none of these metrics improve. Better start over than waste time on habits that do not improve your health.

Feedback Nutrition is about you, not food.