The Grip Bill

Many strategies will firm up your grip. Some are free; others expensive, there are tools and methods to fit all means. You can acquire body weight strength with slight financial commitment at home and outdoors to lay foundations. Invest in a gym membership with the proper equipment to strengthen your hands later, the travel abroad to further your education with a mentor. The possibilities are endless.


Here are three health investment strategies our students follow to strengthen their grips.

Body Weight

Use your greatest tool to build the foundations and power necessary to thrive.

  • 0$ Health Investment

Thick Grip Add-ons


The brands vary, but the concept is the same. Creavinci students add these to dumbells, chin-up bars, and barbells during certain phases of training to humble their strongest lifts. A small health investment with enhanced gain potential you can carry in your gym bag.

  • 10$-60$ Health Investment


Think you can pull? A full grip workout involving these tool make it hard to sign your name the next day, but reap huge returns in strength that boost athletic performance and solidify posture.

  • 60$+ Health Investment

Dog Bone

The dog bone is the final stage of today's segment. Few make it past one rep on the first try. You need to hold on to your life to pull yourself up. But you feel the power, your hands throb. The grip strength you reap transfers into sports and life.


Stay tuned for more grip content!