A Billion Dollar Smile With Dr. Halaby

I disliked going to the dentist as a kid. Drilling sounds and orders to avoid candy fed my nightmares every six months. The thought of being bound to chair as a stranger scraped my teeth with a scaler and the cringe-worthy taste of powdered toothpaste repulsed me. 

I decided the week after having my wisdom teeth removed in my early twenties, a procedure that seemed unnecessary at the time, that I was wise enough never to need a dentist again. There was nothing a good toothbrush and some Crest White Strips would not fix.

A strange pressure around my jaw changed my mind in a heartbeat, three and a half years later. My teeth had a Kraft Dinner tint to them, and I came across a Florida Atlantic University study linking poor oral health to cardiac diseases. The time came to let go of my childhood fears and start taking care of my mouth. I befriended a dentist at the gym who accepted me as a new patient, thankfully.

The first session was a battle between three years worth of plaque and Dr. Halaby, a two and a half decade smile veteran in Montreal, who cleaned my wounds and washed the taste of blood out of my mouth with a salt water pressure jet. The procedure was more painful than the usual fluoride treatment, but my entire jaw felt fifty pounds lighter afterward. I walked out of his office energized with a billion dollar smile for the first time in my life.

A salt water pressure jet at the dentist?

A salt water pressure jet at the dentist?

Do not be stubborn like me and find a trustworthy dentist. Dr. Halaby keeps himself active to offer his patients the best care possible!

Dr. Halaby and a patient. Source: h ttp://www.dentisterieesthetiquemontreal.com/entry_e.htm