How To Compare Two Diets.

There are more diets than people these days. The web is full of arguments and contradictions on every topic about what we put in our stomachs, always with amazing results and absolute facts to support them all. Everything revolves around the back story of a nutrition strategy, inconsistent events get brushed off as anecdotes or placebo, and even adepts of the same food cult will still disagree on technicalities. The whole thing is a mess for bystanders with no horse in the race shopping for a new nutrition plan, trying to make sense of all the fuss and noise.


Consider the 30-30 experiment to gather insight into the interactions of food and your body. Find two compelling diets and apply their principles for a month each. Track the following health metrics: Digestion, energy levels, sleep quality, body composition, affinity to your schedule, athletic performance.

Do not expect to accomplish your goals in so little time, but the results should be clear enough; one will work better than the other. Stick with the winner for thirty more days and re-assess then. You are now your food scientist, congratulation. 

Which one is for you?