Morning Habits

Mornings are ideal to try various habits and study how they impact your day. The point of these posts is to share the fruit of my trials to give you ideas and guidance in the creation of your victory.

It took me five years of feedback eating to find the best ways to start my day, and I keep learning daily to assure I never miss a chance to improve.

A successful habit for any of my students or myself might do nothing to you. Every test is a lesson to learn about your body's interactions with food. The more you study yourself, the faster you evolve! Feel free the share your experience with the rest of us.

 Morning Habit #1: 500 mL to 1L of water + coconut oil espresso immediately upon awakening.

  • Note impact on energy @10am
  • Note impact on energy during your workout that day
  • Note impact on hunger throughout the day
  • Note impact on mood throughout the day
  • Note impact on mental acuity (focus, motivation, brain fog)

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