Fear Of Health Costs

Everybody expects to shed blood and sweat in the quest for a better body. The physical and psychological aspects of the journey are well known, at this point. Just ask any health pro: no gains come easy.

Plenty of promotional content conveys the sense of hustle people seek out of exercising. Shows of knowledge, strength and hardcore motions. Seas of six packs and storms of crazy transformations. But seldom do we find any talk on the monetary investment that fuel these results.

How much will you have to spend to reach the caliber of the video you just saw on your news feed? An unpleasant surprise awaits if you expect to look like your dream without investing more than your gym membership and a new pair of shorts.

The costs of the hustle needed to reap the health gains you seek and see on social media, add up over time. It’s not a scam; it’s reality. The truth is your health professional, just like the supplement company or online program trainers, are all after your money because that’s their income, for the same reasons you get up to go work somewhere every morning.

Losing money resonates with failure nowadays. We despise falling for grandiose dreams and failing, so we avoid them at all cost.

It’s cliché to warn of the impact of fewer health investments today on the losses of tomorrow. You would profit from asking anyone claiming to hold such foresight the next winning lottery numbers. The future shifts quickly and so can your health.

Durable results require an awareness of the dynamics between your wallet and your health. Every investment becomes a lesson instead of a sunk cost. What does the service or product teach you in your quest for a better body and mind?

There’s value in everything.

The right move for you right now might be investing eighty-five dollars on an app a book to save you one thousand with the wrong health pro. Or two thousand dollars on a seminar in a foreign city excluding travel costs can earn you income and insight for the rest of your life.


You could injure yourself trying the content of the app and the book unsupervised, leaving you with a five thousand dollar physiotherapy bill and an aching shoulder for the next decades, or show up the morning of the seminar to realize the host was a fraud and you have lost your money. Shit happens in this crazy world. 

Source: Nick Riviera - The Simpsons WIKI

Source: Nick Riviera - The Simpsons WIKI

An aware health investor can respond to the risks by doing his homework and learning from each experience to make the most out of all future bets.