From Skates To Business: Biner Training.

Nicolas Biniek leaped from one dream to another when he founded his fitness business after a professional hockey career in France. The vision for Biner Training sparked during an outdoor conditioning session with six friends a few months before his debut as a centerman for the Lyon Lions. The brainchild of an extensive athletic background and a budding entrepreneurial fiber came to life upon his return two years later.

'' I brought what felt like a gym's worth of equipment to the park and invited people from my network '' remembers Nicolas  '' The crowd grew significantly by the end of the summer, and everybody wanted more once the cold came around. ''

He met and partnered with Erwan Gayet, an Osteopath from Lyon where he had played hockey and established their headquarters in the Mile-X district of Montreal.

'' All the signs were there for me to go all in. ''

Biner Training offers group athletic circuit classes designed to cover all aspects of performance safely and efficiently in a 1200 square commercial space on Alexandra Street, loaded with a variety of equipment. Gayet's clinic provides a much needed protective depth to this kind of high-intensity activity, only three blocks away.

'' We want to make sure our members can push themselves without getting injured and get treated if required, whether they are beginners or seasoned athletes. The plan is to build an integrated ecosystem with other health-related services like physiotherapy, nutrition, and psychology, '' explains Biniek.

From skates to business, the future looks bright for the Montreal entrepreneur who is already in the process of expansion into a bigger space to accommodate his 200 members.

Smart Sprints

Sprint training is crucial for anyone seeking athletic performance and optimal body composition. High-intensity interval sets generate the hormonal response necessary to build denser muscle and burn fat for energy as you improve your cardiovascular capacity.

Machines like the HiTrainer found at Biner Training are excellent platforms to condition both athletes and health enthusiasts. The padding positions the user into an optimal position with a fully engaged core, which can be difficult to execute for novice sprinters. You can access real-time performance data to track progress and correct imbalances between both legs on top of a plethora of pre-programmed interval workouts.

Make sure to check out Biner Training to sprint up your life and become the best version of yourself before the summer. Take advantage of their on-going promotion offering the first class free.