[PERSPECTIVE] My Experience with The Physical Training Company in Dubai.

Milo of Croton by Mischa Kavish ( www.mischakavishart.com )

Milo of Croton by Mischa Kavish (www.mischakavishart.com)

by Alex Bernier

One of my favorite tales of strength is the legend of the six-time Olympian Laurel Champion Milo of Croton, the praised Ancient Greek wrestler who is said to have carried a calf on his shoulders every day until it grew into a bull.

Small daily improvements provided the hero the underlying strength to carry the adult sized beast on his shoulders. The heavier the animal got, the more Mino was forced to adapt and push himself one step further to sustain the weight.

Strength is a philosophy acquired through education and experience. Expecting to carry the bull on our shoulders before building the solid foundations necessary to succeed is a hopeless endeavour. It takes courage, wit, and time to overcome the obstacles of such a hard journey.

Along my path, I have had the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of teachers who provided me with the tools I needed to push my boundaries. Regarding physical strength, much of my knowledge was acquired when I spent time in Dubai, an effervescent melting pot for fitness professionals from all around the world.



Working alongside great teachers, such as the guys from The Physical Training Company, enabled me to master my body and push myself to lift the metaphorical bull.

By combining their athletic passion to scientific principles of strength and rehabilitation, and through their unique set of perspectives, the guys empowered to break some long-lasting progress hindering Olympic Lifting plateaus.

I am grateful for the teachings of Coach Nic (Canada), Kris (Ireland), Keith (Ireland), and Matt (England) who have provided me with some fundamental insights on my physical strength that still resonate with me today as I continue my journey. The bull has never felt lighter. 

Make sure to check out their social media accounts, or should you ever find yourself in Dubai, learn directly from them to reinforce your athletic capabilities and further your understanding of the principles of consistency, perseverance, and progress to help you achieve long last results.