[Health Investment] Buying The Dream

by Alex Bernier,

How old were you the first time you invested money into your own health? 

I was seventeen years old, weighing only a few feathers, and needed to gain weight before hockey tryouts, so I invested $14.99 + tax on a six-pack of Boost Liquid Drink to complement my training- It was awful.  

Drinking the damn thing was more of a workout than my weight lifting sessions, and when my mom who had been a dietician in a hospital told me what kind of patients she would prescribe such a concoction to, I got out of that bad investment in a heartbeat. 

A few workouts later, I saw a guy at the gym drinking out of three GNC shaker cups. He was twice my size, and the amount of iron plates he was lifting with a barbell conveyed strength and power. I was sold. The next day I went to my local GNC store and ended up investing somewhere around 150$ on whey protein powder, Mega Men multi-vitamins, and three shaker cups. 

I bought into the dream. How could I not? All the variables had been carefully manipulated to guide me exactly where they wanted me to be as a potential customer and tear down the psychological barriers preventing me from giving my money away. Marketing is as much of an art as it is a science. It is selling without having to say a word. 

I don't regret any of the bad health investments I believe to have made so far. If I could go back, however, I would change my mentality as an investor to save some of the ressources I expended in vain. 

Dream merchants know just how to paint the brighter future you are looking for, and that is exactly what you need to tell yourself before making any kind health investment.  

Rather than seeing a potential investment outlet such as a professional service, a dietary supplement, or an entire lifestyle as the brighter future to your unfavorable present, look at it as new information that will have to process through your insanely unique reality before you can determine its impact. 

Displays of superior academic knowledge, before and after pictures, and life-changing testimonials are all myths until the content is applied through you - Your experience is the most important piece of your puzzle.

Avoid letting the sugar coating designed to turn you into a customer decide for you. As a wise health investor, see what you can adapt, reject, and improve with every investment you make and ultimately build your own victory instead of buying it.







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