Personalize Your Strategy With These Tools (Part 2)

Everybody eats, but no one seems to agree on what constitutes a healthy diet.

Some professionals say one thing, others say something completely different, all of them are qualified. A quick stroll on twitter displays several arguments amongst gurus and adepts alike. Everybody accuses the other of the same things: 

  • Lousy science

  • Close-mindedness

  • Sometimes culminate to personal attack

Now, who should you believe?

Good news! There is no one holding a gun to your head. You have access to all the information in the world, something unprecedented in history. Never before has there been such a potential to find your best answer.

And what better judge than your body. Nobody knows more about yourself than you do, after all.

I discussed the importance of assessing your body in last week's e-mail. Today's lesson focuses on the nutrition and lifestyle aspects of your strategy that will help you figure the answer out on your own. We will discuss the brain chemicals that orchestrate your life next week.


Part 2- Track Your Body

I teach my students the practice of First-Person Nutrition. The process is straight-forward:

  1. Pick a strategy (by yourself or with my help)

  2. Apply its principles for a given amount of time

  3. Observe the impact on your body  

  4. Adjust accordingly.

This feature is included in the Pro Exercise Mentorship Plan.

Any expert that claims to know the exact outcome of a diet on your body can also tell you tomorrow's winning lottery numbers. You have to be a scientist about your nutrition. Nobody else can do that for you.

My students keep track of vital health metrics such as sleep quality, digestion, energy levels in the morning and throughout the day, workout performance, clothing fit, stress levels, ability to manage stress, amongst many others.

Fluctuations of these variables are excellent indicators of progress. The Track-Well application linked at the end of this e-mail will give you a detailed outlook of these health metrics to help you tailor a nutrition strategy suited to your body.

Your body is a scrambled Rubik's cube that requires a specific solution, different from your sibling, friend, or any twitter follower. Make sure your strategy is suited to your needs, and not some mass-produced program meant to make someone rich without actually helping you.


Featured Tool: Track your progress with track=well

Generate and organize your body's data with this useful platform. The information is critical to adjust your strategy.

Watch your body change before your eyes.

  • Track everything

  • Improve every day

  • Share with everybody

Check out the platform- Produce your data


Everybody reacts to food differently. Pick a nutrition strategy that appeals to you, observe its impact on your body, and adjust accordingly.