Meditation Journal: 150 Hours Later

January 4th 2017, 

Another chapter of my meditation journey ended a few days ago, as I watched myself breathe cross-legged for a 150th hour in two years. That is fifty less than the first one, and the difference is staggers me. Quality and quantity both matter in this game. Meditate well, a lot.

Negative thoughts never go away, but their shock fades when you sit down and watch them come and go like a carousel, for minutes or hours on end. Meditation is aflashlight to focus your attention to the good stuff and show your inner child there are no real monsters under the bed.

I would advise the practice to my eighteen-year-old self. The tool would have helped me manage thoughts better and get in a deeper zone before my hockey games. Headspace keeps track of time spent watching the thought movie playing within and offers many packages like focus and creativity to train the mind on a daily basis.