Thoughtfood 2017: The Truths Of Victory

Earth begins her 2017th revolution around the sun since someone in charge agreed to count, at the dawn of the month named after the Roman god Janus and his two faces. The starting gun fires on this first day of January to announce the new year of the calendar we owe to Julius Caesar's ambition, or baby Jesus' circumcision party depending on who you ask. Seven and a half billion different stories ended the final chapter of the last 365 days yesterday, leaving the memories of 2016 in a cloud of smoke far behind.

Many tales ended; others are just getting started.

A viral surge of hope lights up when the year shifts forward. There is an energy about this particular fresh start convincing enough to get wheels spinning. Dreams of health, productivity, and wealth animate the screens of our imaginations, and we believe them. Good intentions fire up the inner furnace like coal.

But the engine runs out of gas fast. Reality settles in, and the real puzzle begins. Nobody can predict how their plan will play out, but some truths about victory always stay relevant:


How good is a diet that is not absorbed by the body? You are not what you eat, you are what you digest!

There are professionals, new mobile technologies, and awareness methods to help you assess and improve your digestive health.


The mental math to count the minutes of sleep you need is an excellent way to keep yourself awake at night. Many do doze for eight to ten hours but wake up with the drive of a sloth and the temper of a wild boar anyways. Think quality over quantity. Your morning drive is a reliable metric to keep track of your sleep.


The physical activity you choose to reach your dreams requires optimal execution. Injuries never discriminate which sport you play when they strike, even yoga! Find the right professional to help you thrive or make sure to learn the basics before starting a new exercise endeavour.


The burden of a hero's journey is heavy. Force is necessary to withstand its weight on one's shoulders and break through every obstacle ahead.


Education about your body and mind fuels your progress. You must know more to grow, and access to knowledge has never easier than today.


You are complex biological mystery operating in an unforgiving, fast-paced nature. Life happens, and nobody can prepare for the unpredictable. Aeneas and Ulysses can tell you; the upcoming hurdles ahead may stray you away from the path you will imagine this January. Avoid letting a little bit of problem-solving stop you dead in your tracks. All roads lead to Rome as they say.

Remember these if you ever face the post-resolution wall.

Victory Within, Creavinci © Illustration by Mischa Kavish ( ) 

Victory Within, Creavinci © Illustration by Mischa Kavish (