The Breakfast Delusion

The breakfast debate is hot amongst experts. The most important meal of the day according to one is hurting you, says the other. Who to believe, the doctor? If so, which one? The nutritionist? The girl with a 12-pack, maybe? Trouble comes when health professionals within the same field disagree on a crucial topic.

The confusion perpetuates a degrading global health happening faster than ever before. It is hard for Tony the lawyer and Martha the accountant, busy dealing with the chaos of life, to learn the boring scientific jargon only understood by an elite few needed to verify any claim for themselves.

Take the matter into your hands and empower yourself. Health professionals are guides, not authorities. Sure, they may know more about the human body theoretically, but there is no medical textbook or scientific study about you.

Create your science by noting your body’s responses to various food options and adjust accordingly. Eat a certain way because it makes you feel optimal, not because an authority told you so.

Open your mind and be curious. Breakfast should be the product of your experiments. What you eat and drink in the morning is bound to affect you for the rest of the day; the question is how? I teach my students about different morning routines and how to track their effects on energy and stress levels, digestion, and other subjective parameters.