Mastering The Art Of Doing Nothing.

by Alex Bernier

Are you allergic to doing nothing?

Recently on Instagram, 2,950,051 users have anchored the powerful hashtag #nodaysoff to their six-pack selfies, fitness motivational one-liners, and other entrepreneurial-hustling related posts.

Stillness intolerance, it seems, has become somewhat of an epidemic. So much that we now relate doing nothing to laziness and weak-mindedness. The logic makes sense after all, how are you supposed to get ahead in life if you are not always moving forward?

Grinding it out for 120 hours a week has become the panacea of success. Whether it is at the gym or in our professional lives, we honor those who dedicate every ounce of energy to getting things done.

But as global stress levels rise, burnouts become more frequent, and chronic diseases soar, has the all-or-nothing attitude become an obsolete mentality?



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Hustling is addictive, especially when it pays off.

The problem is that we are stuck with a primitive piece of biological equipment known as the human body, which has not yet evolved to sustain the ridiculous demands imposed by the modern mind. We operate as if willpower was sufficient to propel us towards success eternally when in reality we are draining the finite amount of resources we have available without adequately replenishing any of it.

Eventually, we start dipping into our energy savings account, which is necessary to sustain basic biological functions such as mental acuity, digestion, and supporting the immune system.

We love the idea of hard work, but practically it is an extremely taxing endeavor. Often, my most successful students professionally and financially were the ones with the unhealthiest bodies – the mind is exceptional at ignoring the physical signs that we are diving head first into an ailment, and it can take decades before the real damage starts manifesting.

The longer you wait, the harder it will be to reverse any of it - No matter how ‘’successful’’ you might be.

If you find yourself in a vicious cycle of stress, chronic pain, sleepless night, low-energy, or weight-gain: focus your resources on actively doing nothing to let your body and mind recover. Take a long vacation from exercising, dieting, or whatever exhausting grind-work you strive to achieve on a daily basis in order push yourself to the next level.

Get even more comfortable in your comfort zone.

Seriously, don’t do anything: Binge on Netflix, nap, meditate, eat whatever you want for a whole month. The time off will allow deeper components of your whole-self to heal, which is an impossible task to accomplish when you remain in a constant state of action.

Use the free time to observe the changes and strategize accordingly – Sustainable results only manifests when the body is in full recovery mode. It is a short-term investment that will pay off exponentially later in your life.

It will teach your body to maximize rest time, perform more efficiently once you start moving again, and allow you to soar to the greatest levels of success sustainably.

If you have a hard time mastering the art of doing nothing, Creavinci is here to guide you.