How Well Do You Know Your Shit?

by Alex Bernier

Let's talk about the elephant in the bathroom. 

How well do you know your shit?

How well do you know your shit?

We are at the peak of our scientific advancement; technological breakthroughs have allowed us to understand the functioning of a cell one-billionth the size of a grain of salt, yet, our global health continues to degrade at an alarming rate. 
It is a paradox particularly prominent when it comes to the food we eat. Still today, much like the US Congress, doctors and other health scientists remain highly divided on the matter of nutrition.  

Over the last six decades, governmental agencies have spent a tremendous amount of resources on funding ambiguous science, establishing generalized guidelines for 7.4 billion people, and generating fear-inducing campaigns in a relentless battle against the chronic disease goliath. 

As scientific egos clash, the population is left in a state of mass confusion. Nobody knows what to eat anymore except for the enlightened gym rats endorsing a wide-variety of contradicting diets. Still, amidst a continuous display of six-packs, the gold standard of health, chronic diseases prevail. 

There is always a villain; Big Pharma, McDonald's, Television, or genetics. Even those adhering to the nutritional dogmas are falling ill. Fearing blasphemy, we never question the establishment of Science itself. Are we missing an essential piece of the puzzle? 

We emphasize the importance of the calories we consume and rarely discuss the ones we defecate. If you think about the infinite variations amongst our organisms, all knowledge about food remains a myth until YOU eat and process it.

Your feces provide valuable insight on the complex digestive universe processing what we eat – They are great storytellers. In the light of the ongoing chronic disease epidemic, perhaps it would be wise for those in charge of our health to adopt an individual-oriented scientific perspective and start looking for answers at the other end of the tunnel. 

Want rapid results? Pay closer attention to the impact of food on your stool instead of your body fat. 

Get to know your shit.