Tales of a 100-Hour Meditation Trip.

by Alex Bernier'

'' Meditation is for monks '' - Me, 2004

Silly kid, meditation is for everyone. Be patient, though; you are going to need a half decade before someone can convince you otherwise, and another half experimenting with different meditation systems before understanding the real potential of this ancient practice. 

You are going to regret not having started earlier, but you will meditate more and move on.  

What is meditation? 

If your thoughts are the powerful waves in the ocean of your mind, meditation is your surfboard. It is rising above the natural forces of your brain and riding the tide. 

I was always under the impression meditation was about shutting off my mind and making sounds. No matter how hard I tried to block off my thoughts, they would always fight back harder, and I would end up frustrated, worse than before. 

My ego was not a fan. 

Finally, after critical conversations with some of my mentors I was educated otherwise, and eventually found the right platform and mindset to feel what I had been seeking. It was as if my universe was opening up to me for the first time. 

Early on, the waves of my thoughts would quickly knock me off my surfboard and drag me back within their depths. I could only meditate for ten minutes at a time before feeling jittery and having to stop. It was easy to continue trying however, because every session felt better than the other.

Then I got into 20-30 minute sessions, and eventually full hours. Both guided and unguided. 

How were those?


Interestingly enough, I had experienced such meditative states many times in my life before, except I had been unconscious about it and they certainly weren't self-induced. There had always been an external trigger to knock me into such a reflective consciousness, like when I beheld one of Nature's masterpieces in the Lombok jungle. 

Photo: Alex Bernier, 2013

Photo: Alex Bernier, 2013


I stayed empowered through a mobile application which kept track of all my meditation statistics – total meditation time, average session length, and other parameters to monitor my progress as a student.

With only an hour of practice under my belt, I noticed significant improvements in my muscular recruitment patterns while executing compound movements such as the deadlifts, squats, and chin-ups.

It was as if I had been looking for certain stabilizing muscles in the dark and had finally brought my awareness to them – I had more control over the complex movements than ever before. 

Since then, I have spent 100 hours studying myself inwardly. The insights I have acquired from such a journey have been worth every second invested, and this is only the beginning.

What's in it for me?

I have no idea how meditation will impact your life, but I will share the details of my experience; the challenges, the limitations, put you up to speed on the emerging science finally catching up on the topic, and discuss the tools available to guide and empower you as you figure it out yourself.

To be continued.