Thoughtfood 9: Fear Of Going Off Script

Society needs to check and refresh itself every few centuries to avoid a stagnation into extinction. The update happens freely, but there is always some friction to delay the process. Profiteers of status-quo have every reason to prevent an evolution. The script must go on for them to thrive, at any cost including human lives.

The darker moments of our story so far relate to the same plot line - the oppression of many by an elite few under grim contexts. Governments, Religious Groups, Scientists and other Universe Masters of all races and eras share liability for the nasty rap sheet of the human species. Evolution is rarely a crimeless process.

Revolutions are inevitable, however; no power can withstand the punch of innovation. Ask Hannibal the military commander from Carthage about empires that crumble into sand.

Hannibal Barca from Carthage (Source: Mommsen's ''Römische Geschitchte'' p.265)  

Hannibal Barca from Carthage (Source: Mommsen's ''Römische Geschitchte'' p.265) 

Imagine authorities at the dawn of the Renaissance had seen the disaster coming.The black plague decimated half of the European continent at a time when less than ten percent of the people could read. Royalty, leading nobles, and religious authorities held the privilege of reading scriptures keeping the rest of us in darkness. The delivery of information was a one-way street dictated by the church responding like a lap dog to kings, queens, and other divine offsprings.

The spark of the plague fueled by the invention of the printed press half a century later set the pace for the greatest cultural shift at the time. Reading went viral and grew the human mind like manure. The widespread of content and ideas changed us forever. Obsolete mental models were left behind.

Now, fast-forward to today's brighter ways. An oncoming iceberg of chronic disease and mental illness is a few years away from sinking everybody. Authorities assure us everything is fine and we listen. They are professionals, after all. But a growing health care debt counted by the trillions sounds the alarm of an imminent frozen calamity. What year is this? Corruption, torture, and the wrath of fear are symptoms of a crashing culture.

A scientific language barrier parts the right solution from those in need, still today. The paternalistic monopoly of knowledge by scientists and health pros echoes the patterns of their spiritual equals of the past. Why bother spreading an old language only few can read? 

Science loses its nature when it becomes a badge of authority instead of a tool for discovery. The scientific method teaches how to question everything and stalls the instant anyone uses it for control. There are no dogmas in science. Most of today's wisdom will be the outdated rules of the future. Scientists are bricklayers of a great wall virtually no one alive today will ever see as a whole. 

© Follow us on Instagram @studiocreavinci. We are a protective health web portal dedicated to giving our users the tools to succeed on their own. Artist:  Emilie Carbonneau

© Follow us on Instagram @studiocreavinci. We are a protective health web portal dedicated to giving our users the tools to succeed on their own. Artist: Emilie Carbonneau

We are living the greatest revolution in communication since the printed press. New leaders and minds of the Y-generation must decide whether to follow the path of our predecessors or rebuild anew. Old mental blocks fill the space needed for innovation to grow. The critical events of today call for better measures.

The time to go off script is now; tomorrow may be too late.  Better communications between health influencers and their audience are essential in the universal quest for global health. The new technologies and platforms connecting you to rest of the globe at any time of the day give you more power than ever before. Can we make the most it?