Fear secured emergency control of the body in a deal with the brain some time ago. An important partnership for a time when we were pieces of the food chain and every day was a battle for life. Fear taught us passivity and caution against an unforgiving nature and the savageries of our kind.

We can thank our ancestors for the omnipresent advisor, our personal Jafar of the mind still kicking around today. A coded GPS to keep us out of danger, forever. Everybody hears the same messages but sees different images.

Our capacity to outgrow fear and evolve made us the biological miracles we are today. We would be swimming around somewhere like fish, otherwise. The instinct is past its prime, though. Human history is a series of revolutions against terror, after all. The once naiïve and vulnerable brain dependent on fear to survive matured, and is stronger than ever.

Terror aged awfully - Its worldview is anchored deep in a past reality obsolete in our fast-changing world. There are still many maniacs at the head of mighty nations, murders, food insecurities and wild animal attacks, or tsunamis, sure, we have every reason to be afraid. But our innovation allows us to live well in spite of the dangers that killed our ancestors routinely.

The bored ageing advisor passes the time in the absence of immediate threat by creating and growing problems in our minds to for us to believe. Tyrants are acutely aware of this.

But we are at a turning point of humanity for the first time since the printed press empowered the Renaissance, more than half a century ago.  A pocket-sized device connected to an invisible network on all four corners of the globe can access a treasure of knowledge and cheap laughs at any time of the day. The possibilities for you to become the strongest version of yourself are endless - whether you aspire politics, fame, agriculture, or body building.

Courage is a presence, not an absence of terror. You give body and mind space to create a solution by accepting the constant fear as a chance to learn. Heroes have risen in spite of all dangers to provide us with the bright future we know today. The power is in our hands to honor their legacy and push humanity further out of the darkness because from now on we are fearless.














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