Fear Of Non-Doing

Non-Doing after a 14 month hustle.

Non-Doing after a 14 month hustle.

The story of humanity follows a series of victories and failures against a cruel environment. Populating the earth was no easy task in those tougher times, passivity lead to a tragic end. You either lagged behind and missed the evolutionary boat, or died. Our only hope for survival was motion, and the hustlers prevailed.

Hard work remains a staple of success wired in our shared wisdom. The maxims of hustling decorate the virtual walls social media today, praised and shared.  We aspire its virtues, worship its essence, and model the ideal human after it.

The merits of hustle cast a large shadow upon inactivity, however.

Winners preach, and the fans listen, yet few ever reach the holy status of the elite they admire. Many losers worked just as hard, if not more than the superstars. Most are not around to tell their stories, and if they are nobody wants to hear them. 

Every once in a while society needs to check and update itself. That's what they did during the Renaissance some centuries ago. The current state of global health shows the time has come. Does the age-old maxim still hold in today's fast-changing world?

Burnouts, chronic pain, depressions, insomnia, and other stress-related illnesses are on the rise, yet kept in the dark. Many are running out of juice, and they're scared to talk about it, so they keep pushing because that's what winners do.

Momentum shifts both ways. Hard work takes a toll on your health, whether we like it or not. Getting caught in the grind of life to move forward without taking the time to cool off never ends well for anybody. Adequate recovery is necessary for longevity. 

You can be productive while being inactive. Active non-doing is not passivity. They may resemble each other in look, and anyone addicted to action will cringe at either, but fundamentally the difference is massive.  

It's fine to turn off without hating yourself for it, even for extended periods of time if that's what your body needs. You cannot assess the impact of every action you take when the grind rules your life, it just happens too fast. You do not hear your body's alarm systems ringing at full blast to remind you the whole ship is about to crash, either.

You might be successful now, but can it last without your health later?

The alarming health trends indicate otherwise for most.

Consider a temporary chill if you have been pouring blood and sweat for yourself over the past decade. Use the silence to study yourself and gather resources for the next big hustle. Stop the diet, training programs, and major lifestyle shifts that are draining you without giving anything substantial back. Our time now requires quality action, awareness, and patience.

Can you non-do without judging yourself? Try to disconnect completely. You deserve the time off. 

by Alex Bernier