4 Investment Outlets That Will Turn Your Wealth Into Health

The greatest wealth is health
— Virgil

As the debate regarding who is less wrong than the other perpetuates, our global health continues to degrade at an alarmingly expensive rate. In 2012, the CDC reported half of all adults in the United States had one or more chronic health conditions ranging from heart disease, multiple forms of cancer, and diabetes amongst others. The economic burden of this epidemic has been nothing short of disastrous. According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, the cost of healthcare in the United States was estimated at 2.5 trillion dollars in 2009, out of which $55 billion were due to missed prevention opportunities. At this pace, such an on-coming iceberg will sink us to an end should we fail to change course before it is too late.

The question you have to ask yourself, as an adult of this world, is how much money are you willing to spend on your health right now to avoid spending more tomorrow?  

The answer will guide your next action. Rather than trying to solve the physiological-psychological and for some spiritual rubik's cube that is your health, why not use something as powerful as money to empower yourself throughout your efforts. Turning your costs into health investments will create an additional plane to track your progress. Your ability to evaluate the individual impact of each investment and how you fine-tune accordingly, as any wise investor would, will save you time and money while increasing your likelihood of a successful health venture.

Here are four investment outlets that will turn your wealth into health. 

1 – Professional Services 

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner with zero motor control or an experienced athlete, you will always benefit from hiring the right health care professional. The human body is an immensely complex entity, and in today's fast-paced society where time has become a commodity it is difficult for anyone to fully comprehend it. The more perspectives you are exposed to, the more you will learn about yourself, and the greater your return on health investments will be. 

Diversify your healthcare and fitness social media follows. The variety of knowledge and perspectives will build the pillars of your own body's wisdom. 

Generally, fees will be based on factors such as education, experience, location, and more importantly the professional's sense of self-worth.  

Pros: Time saving, Access to valuable knowledge and experience. 

Cons: Expensive over the long term, you are usually limited to the professional's specific perspective. 

2- Books

The opportunities to learn through books or e-books are endless. Borrow the great minds of those working hard to help you become a greater version of yourself to solidify your foundations. 

Pros: Easy to find, cheap, access to valuable knowledge 

Cons: Time consuming, often generalized advice and knowledge out of context of your unique reality 

3- Tools and Equipment 

It is normal to get caught up in life and not have enough time to go to the gym, the yoga studio, or go for a run. Investing in tools and equipment for your home or office where you spend the most time will allow you to never miss an opportunity to exercise because of lack of time. 

Pros: More exercise opportunities, quality tools and accessories can be cheap 

Cons: There is a lot of crap out there, quality equipment is expensive, can take up a lot of space 

4- Mobile technology

Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band 2

The latest breakthroughs in mobile health technology have profoundly transformed our healing process. 

Pros: Access to your own biometric data, access to workout and nutrition plans, excellent to keep track of everything you do.

Cons: Can be expensive, similar to all technologies, not an exact science yet. 

You are only one investment away from changing the rest of your life. At the end of the day, the content of your health portfolio will be unique to you. Should you ever need assistance in making the right health investments, we offer private consultations to guide you while assessing the impact of every penny invested to save you time and money, and increase your likelihood of victory 

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