by Alex Bernier

Empowerment is a fascinating phenomenon occurring within the depths your own thoughts.  It is the conscious shift from what can only be described as a dream in which you were only an observer, without a single degree of control, to a trail of lucidity. There was a click, a threshold was reached, and a pulsating force was liberated, beating loud enough for you to acknowledge that the limits of your reality were no longer acceptable, and only conscious movement would break you free. 

A single thought, in its raw form, can be split like an atom by the intensity of an external event to release a tremendous amount of energy– an introverted atomic bomb, powerful enough to bridge your belief that the vision only your mind can see is attainable, to the subsequent set of actions leading to its materialization into the physical world of your reality. 

Empowerment is context-sensitive. Perhaps you are seeing your own health degrade before your very eyes, are stuck in a toxic relationship, or simply thrilled by the fresh start of a new year, just long enough to split the thought-atom and unleash its full potential. Whatever the trigger, the byproduct of this reaction is that sudden snap between being the victim of a circumstance and becoming the creator of an improved reality. 

The self-help crowd refers to this as the step between your comfort zone and the vast, terrifying ocean of the unknown. Spiritualists see it as an awakening, or enlightenment. The realization of a potential that far exceeds all expectations you had established for yourself. A prophetic illumination of your capability to reach a brighter future.  

One caveat of such formidable potential is its tendency to vanish in a heartbeat. All intentions quickly fail provide the desired outcome, and you eventually find yourself right back into the passenger seat, a victim of your own life.  

How can we sustain the initial empowerment energy when a complex unforgivable reality renders the golden map to success we imagined for ourselves useless?

Harmonizing the two perspectives could be achieved by shifting our focus away from the outcome we seek, an energy consuming comparison to make, and instead think in terms of progress made so far. The tunnel vision we have towards success can make us lose sight of crucial developmental milestones. Building upon already established success is far more resilient. 

Truth is, you are making far more progress than you can possibly imagine -You are just not seeing it. Your focus is locked on an ideal, an illusion of success, leaving your foundations unsteady, missing the beautiful transforming scenery of the process.  

Our reactive Movement Therapy empowers our students by teaching them to monitor their body's own feedback in response to strategic movement patterns, to elaborate a solution that is unique to them, and ultimately allow them to sustain the hardships of their own journey towards success through a progress-oriented perspective.

Will you be the creator of your own victory, or the byproduct of someone else's?