Head To Toe 2 - Your Torso & Grip

Everybody is different, yet we rely on the same structure to move and resist gravity. My work as a Kinesiologist exposes me to the wonders and mishaps of such a natural masterpiece. I see bodies go from inactive to athletic in the span of a few months and get to witness peaks of human performance. Every new body teaches me something useful.

Do you want strength and longevity? Build yourself one pillar at a time with these lessons you will keep all your life.

Head To Toe explores twelve critical foundations of your body. This second part presents the muscles of your shoulder blades and your grip, then your deep abdominal belt. Learn how to find common imbalances behind chronic pain and decreased physical performance before they become problematic. The power is in your hands to become the most active human you can be.

Let’s create your victory together.